iOS PDF Reader Core v2.8.0

Now available on GitHub is version 2.8.0 of the open source iOS PDF Reader Core:

  • Double-tap to zoom now centers the zoom on the location of the double-tap.
  • The toolbar Done button now adjusts its width based on the width of its localized text.
  • Reworked handling of views in the ReaderViewController paging UIScrollView. You can now page as fast as the device can go.
  • Added a READER_ENABLE_EXPORT compile time option. Uses UIDocumentInteractionController to export the current PDF to other applications.
  • Added a READER_FLAT_UI compile time option that disables button borders.
  • Fixed crash under iOS 8 – please see the note in the ReaderDocument class file.
  • Cleaned up 64-bit compiler warnings for various format strings.
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